How does this service work? How do you get me followers?

This service works by us getting you real followers on twitter, using very safe methods to legitimately add quality followers over time by following people first, then waiting for a reciprocal follow back. Then after a grace period, purging the non returning followers and repeating the process until we reach your purchased follower amount.

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What type of followers will you get me? What's the definition of a quality targeted follower?

We will get you followers based on the keywords you give us ( If using the targeted followers service). We define a quality targeted follower as someone who has tweeted using your keywords, and/or whose profile and interests match your keywords. We can get you almost any type of targeted follower according to the keywords you want.

If you have purchased the untargeted service, your followers will have various interests to which you can promote your services, ideas, and products to.

Will we get you me spam/porn/junk followers?

We strive to get you the most targeted quality followers as possible. We have many methods in place to filter out and block adult and porn keywords, we also filter out for junk tweeters that just post promotional links and try to spam people and make money. While we do try our best we are not perfect, so a few here and there may slip through from time to time.

Will my account get banned by using your service?

Well we have never got an account banned yet. We strictly adhere to twitter's policies and never use spam and massive following methods or automated bots that can get you flagged and in trouble. We get you quality targeted followers that are relevant to you over time and always stay within the limits set by twitter.

Will I have to follow a lot of people first for you to get my followers?

Yes, that is how it works; it is the best and most effective way for you to get new followers. Twitter is built on reciprocal, mutual opting in of peoples messages. Yes your following will increase but we remove anyone after a while who doesn’t follow back. This is a major way to get followers unless you are a celebrity, have a tv/radio show or a website with tons of traffic where you promote your profile, and you give people extremely valuable useful information, you will not get many followers without following back. The way twitter is growing is by mutual reciprocal following.

What info do you need from me to use this service?

We will need your twitter login info (username and password). We would also like you to give us some keywords you would like so we can properly target your followers for maximum effectiveness and useful exposure of your twitter profile.

When will you start work on my order?

We will usually start within 24-48 hrs of your order confirmation and after receiving your login and targeting information.

Is my account info safe with you?

Yes! Of course it is only one person who will know your login info, and we take your account privacy very seriously it will never be exposed to anyone else or used for anything but providing the services you bought from us. If you are still worried you can change your account password after we are done but we don't think that will be necessary.

Will you ever post a tweet or auto tweet like some free services and do something to make me look bad?

NO, absolutely not! Never, will we post a tweet or anything on your account. We need your login info to follow/unfollow people, that is it. We respect your account and would never do anything intentionally to jeopardize your account or tarnish your twitter reputation!

Can I order more than 2000 targeted followers?

Yes but we will have to work out a custom price/budget/timeframe for delivery because of limits twitter has employed. 2000 people you can follow until you get 2000 followers in return, from there forward you are only allowed to have 10% more that you are following than your followers. It takes more time and is slower growth after 2000. So please contact us for more details on your needs.

I don't want to follow people first in order to get people to follow me back

Well then we can't help you. This is the way we get followers for people. Do you really care about how many people you follow, if that’s what you have to do to get TONS of followers? We can unfollow all the people after we are done and bring it right down to 0 people you follow if you like but expect to lose at least 25-35% of your followers shortly thereafter.

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